Noveltunity® aims to become a worldwide ebook/audiobook club that will feature and promote new and undiscovered writers. Each month three authors will have books selected and sent to members around the world.

Members will discuss the books with each other and the writers.  There will also be classes and meetings with fellow writers and readers from around the world. Members will be able to vote on which books will be selected. As a member, you’ll make friends around the world.

Writers whose books aren’t selected will be able to share their books with other members on message boards and in meetings. You’ll be able to develop a following and perfect your craft.

On Monday, September 9, Noveltunity® launched a crowdfunding campaign on RocketHub (

There will be a wide range of perks for donations from as little as $5.

Being a writer, I will be participating at the $50 level. For this amount, the donor with be receive a one year membership to Noveltunity® which includes 36 ebooks and 12 audio books. You will also have the choice to either give a one year membership to a friend or have one donated in your name to a public library.

In addition, you will receive a free conversion of a book you have written into Apple, Kindle and other ebook formats. This will allow you to sell your book electronically through multiple sites. What’s unique about this service is it will allow you to embed videos, art or audio files into your manuscript. eBooks in Motion retails this service for over $250.

I love the idea of helping libraries and writers.

Let’s all participate!

If you have any questions, email Rick directly He’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.

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