Stress, sickness, inability to sleep, work suffering and piling up … is this happening in your business? Truth is, it’s all too familiar.

As a trainer, I feel it is a duty to create an environment where people thrive. This doesn’t have to be kept solely to the training room.

Here are a few tips to creating a healthier, happier and less stressed workplace:

Tip No. 1

Plan ahead. Prepare and become organized. Set times into your diary for certain activities and keep to these time slots.

Tip No.2

Hold meetings out doors rather than in a stuffy indoor meeting room. Try walking through the park for 30 minutes to share ideas or discuss problems and finding solutions. There is a reason top executives say that more business is completed on the golf course than in their office!

Tip No.3

Ditch the radio and play Alpha music or Classical music in the background. It creates an environment of harmony which increases work ability and concentration.

Tip No.4

Add a sensory aroma to the environment. Orange or eucalyptus helps to stimulate the mind.

Tip No.5

Set yourself up for success and those people you set goals for too by making them achievable and realistic. Better to have smaller goals that you can reach than ones that will always be out of reach. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Of course all of these can be part of a great training session, but part of being a fantastic trainer is to share the things that work with others and to embed them into the organisation.

Taking just one or two of these tips and adding them into your organisation, you will soon evidence the difference they make in creating a harmonious, healthier and a happier, more productive workplace.

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