Customer Testimonials

I’ve been on several types of leadership & management training before but this was by far the best. I gained more than on any other course – ever. It was outstanding – excellent!

Andy Trainell, ProLawn, Huntingdon.


As the owner of my business, it’s down to me to sell. The sales training is very comprehensive, a great confidence booster. These skills are really useful in so many situations and the techniques are so easy to master that I now actually enjoy receiving an objection – bring it on!

Jackie Day, Private Medical Sector, London.

In a high pressure environment, these workshops greatly improved how the team performs allowing us to understand the importance of everyone’s role and the changes required.

Debra Marshall, Clinical, Reading.

Top Course. Nothing like I thought it would be. Top trainer Also!! Overall, a positive course for everyone with many positive outcomes

Paul Simson, Prontocold, Earith.

I have learnt so much from the course that it will stay with me forever. I hope to use this knowledge wisely and to invite Wendy to be my first guest in my new creativity events

Lois Moore, Genesis Hair & Beauty, St.Ives.

At first, I was rather sceptical about doing a business course, yet I gained more and more trust in the training. I put a high value on the information and practical experience I gained, which I could apply directly to my business. I am very motivated now and realise all that I have to offer

Julia Paterno, Bespoke Furniture, Cambridge.

I have gained the self belief I needed. I honestly feel I have already succeeded in my initial goals and have the potential to achieve even more. The realisation, that my strengths are my passion for what I do and my ability to help others achieve their goals, has given me fresh inspiration

Julie Gadd, Graphic Designer, Peterborough.

I needed a range of professional looks for both client facing & networking. The image guidance has proved invaluable to achieving this. The image review encouraged me to look at the working environment and make changes that have resulted in additional business

Jonathan Sedley, Professional Service Sector, Cambridge.

A really good course that helps you to improve yourself by analyzing your strengths & weaknesses. Once you have the tools to manage yourself, you are then given the tools & strategies to grow your business. I have no doubt that if I am able to employ everything I have learnt it will make my business a huge success

David Ember, ProLawn, Berkshire.


Very good, very impressed, with the training programme for my company. I am really looking forward to see you again soon!

Gitana Blackall, Paperfeel, Peterborough.

The motivational nature of the course has increased the productivity throughout my company. I now look forward to using my newly gained knowledge to sell Bean Thinking products to a much wider market.

Neall Rowlandson, Bean Thinking, Soham.