I’d been looking for a new coat in the January sales – nothing unusual in that, but it made me think how often do we approach our business decisions in the way we choose our clothes.

For instance, when selecting a new coat I spent some time looking at the different styles currently available. I observed the colours, and what might suit my complexion. I looked at the fabric to make sure it felt nice. Then I looked at the practical side such as the longevity as to how long I might expect the item to stay in fashion so I’d get good value. And of course I considered the personality aspect of how it would make me feel wearing it and what impact it might have on others when they see me wearing it.

So much goes into buying a coat … and so many decisions made which the majority of us I’m sure take for granted. But what about decisions for our business? Do we take as much time and effort into analyzing our next steps, or what is the best investment for our business? Do we consider the effect of our personality and use it to project a positive image? Do we gain feedback on how well we present our business to others and how they might be viewing us in our prospective field?

Interesting don’t you think? I thought so too.

So give it some thought today … or try it next time you want to buy a new coat.

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