How many times have you heard this: “Follow these six or seven steps and you will do/have/receive” and the promise is often money (6-7 figure income), success (people will know you all over the world) and then an easier and happier life will follow?

You begin to dream. That happier life will give you the time to do the things you love, be with the people you want to be with such as family and friends. Then again you may want to travel and visit some of those exotic places, buy the home of your dreams, enjoy meals out in expensive restaurants, or drive the car of your dreams.

You think, ‘yes’ that’s what I want. So you go ahead and buy the system that will lead you to the promised-land. But what actually happens after that? Usually its one of three things:

  1. You don’t implement the system – it sits on a shelf or remains stored on your computer and you never get around to knowing what those steps actually are.
  2. You religiously listen to all 6 or 7 steps, making copious notes. Then you start to implement the steps directly to your business. Do they work? Or are you still left trying to work it out – and feeling a little bit burnt that you’ve paid for a system that didn’t work to give you the results you wanted?
  3. You implement all 6 or 7 steps apply them – and your business soars! You are amazed at the outcome and that was the best investment you ever made.

Which of the 3 scenarios above best describes you?

Chances are you will fall into either scenario i. or scenario ii. as very few people ever take a system, implement it and gain the same results as the person offering the system.

Why is this?

Let me be frank with you, its nothing to do with the system or the steps laid out for you to follow. When someone is offering you a step-by-step system they are giving you the steps that work for them. Because the system has worked for them, they genuinely believe it will work for you too, providing you follow each step in order and implement in the same way that they did. But there’s something critical that is missing. It’s this …

The system they have developed works for them because that approach fits with their unique abilities, their preferred style, their personality, their belief system, their dreams. It all works perfectly well for them. But the problem is – You are not them!

That’s one of the biggest reasons when you try to follow and implement a system into your business it doesn’t work or get you the results that you want. So in scenario i. you don’t begin to use the system because deep down you don’t believe it will work for you – so why bother? And in scenario ii. it fails when you try to implement it because it doesn’t fit with you.

shoesIt’s like trying on a pair of shoes. They look beautiful in the shop window and you immediately fall in love with them and how they will make you look and feel when you wear them – a million dollars. Then when you try them on they don’t fit properly – they’re either too small, or too tight, not wide or narrow enough for your feet and if you were to buy them and try to wear them, you’d suffer badly with sore, painful feet. It’s the same in your business when you buy into a system that doesn’t fit with you.

What is the solution?

In finding the right fit for you and your business it’s important to focus on your unique abilities, discover your own style and blend it with your personality and your communication preference. In doing so, by all means use other people’s step-by-step systems (I’m all for making shortcuts and gaining the knowledge from other people who’ve already set it out for me), but use it for the educational experience you need to learn to move on a step in your business … and how you might apply that newly gained knowledge when aligned with your uniqueness. If it doesn’t quite fit – then don’t use that bit. There will be another piece of know-how you still have to find. Stay true to who you are.

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