What does your personal image say about you? How important is it to have a positive personal image? Can it increase your business success?

You may consider the image of your company, your logo, your website, your business cards – all of which give a message about you and your business.

But when it comes to your personal image are you aware of the message you’re projecting to your potential customers? Or how important that message is as to whether or not they do business with you?

Research has shown that by making a few simple adjustments to the colours of the clothing you wear, it has the potential to increase your sales by as much as 33%.

Personal image can be adjusted to help increase your confidence at interviews, sales and giving presentations. And it’s important to present yourself in an authoritative light during meetings or to project an assertive manner when in direct confrontational situations. If necessary, your personal image can be softened, to make you appear more approachable and to gain rapport in more sensitive situations.

Understanding personal image, impact and presence allows you to ‘read’ others well, and enables you to present the image that gets your message across as you want it to be read. Your personal image is a powerful communication tool.

How well do you think you fare with your personal image and ability to use it to communicate with presence and impact?

SYMPTOMS include …

  • Not feeling confident in personal dress sense
  • Missing subtle body language or hand gestures
  • Thinking image doesn’t really matter
  • Dress down Fridays means wearing jeans and a tee-shirt
  • Saying that ‘people have to accept me as I am’
  • Inability to adjust pace and tone of voice to meet the situation
  • Feeling tired, faded or outdated


Go through your personal image step by step. Make a conscious effort to co-ordinate your clothing and accessories. Become more aware of body language and any subtle gestures. Observe your voice, your tone and pace of delivery during meetings and other day to day situations. Change one or two things about your personal image and take note of the effect on others.


Being aware of your personal image and using it to project a positive and confident image is immensely empowering.

3 Responses to 6th Crucial Step in Achieving Giant Results: Power Up Your Personal Image

  • Doulla says:

    Hi Wendy, this is a great article and one that I have unknowingly (and now knowingly!) try to take into account. It’s easy to follow and has great messages and tips for how to improve personal image. After all, your personal image gives out a first impression to people of who you (maybe) are. Thanks for this clear, concise write up!

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