Step 5: Ability to Present with Confidence

It’s our greatest fear – public speaking!! In fact, it’s often said that people fear it more than they do the act of dying.

And yet, delivering a powerful presentation has the effect of propelling you forward as an expert in your field quickly and easily. It’s also one the greatest ways of selling to wider audience. Why sell ‘one on one’ when you can sell ‘one to many’?

But why is it so difficult?

Fear of presentations can cause your fight or flight mechanism to go into overdrive. This can make you tremble, sweat profusely and feel physically sick.

For many people the fear of presentations can stunt their career or become a barrier to business growth.

In other words, you owe it to yourself and your business to master this skill. Presentations give you the opportunity to show others how talented and fabulous you and your business is.

Do you fear giving presentations or just lack the skills to do them well?

Check out the following:

SYMPTOMS include …

  • Avoiding situations where you have to speak publicly
  • Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of presenting
  • Unsure of how to plan a presentation
  • Feeling light headed or shaking with nerves
  • Self-conscious or lacking in confidence
  • Uncertain of what to talk about
  • No format to follow


Make a list of short topics that might be of interest to your potential clients. Choose topics you are comfortable with. Use case studies and weave success stories into your talk.


Your business will only grow to the extent that YOU do. Giving presentations is a key leadership skill, but few know how to do it well. Good presenters are not born, they are made. They follow formats, and master techniques that allow them to deliver with ease.

Note: Overcoming deep fears of presentations is something that requires training in techniques that really work. This report is too short to go into this and the techniques are best practiced in a positive and safe environment. See G.R.O.W. Giant Results, Opportunities & Wealth programme.

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