Step 2: View Sales as the Lifeblood of Your Business


How do you feel about sales or having to sell to someone? Chances are you don’t particularly enjoy the activity. If you do, that’s fantastic, you are in the minority.

Sadly, in my experience it’s often the most dreaded activity of small business owners and solopreneurs. Picking up the phone and cold calling, or following up with prospects doesn’t happen as often as it should.

Infact, the No.1 reason most businesses fail is not because they have an inferior product or service. Not because they lack desire to be successful, or are afraid of hard work. Not because they don’t have knowledge in their particular field of expertise. They fail for one reason and one reason only – they can’t or are reluctant to sell. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

It isn’t just the lack of skills to sell; it goes much deeper than this. It’s the inability to overcome the ‘fear’ of making those sales in the first place. And that’s what stops you from picking up the phone and making those sales calls. It stops you from following up on those leads. It stops you from making that final call that should have closed the sale. It’s your emotional response to the sales situation and the inability (lack of skill) to handle the sales process. This is what kills your business.

Sales is a skill anyone can learn. It’s a simple process of opening, presenting and closing. But if you are weak in any one of these areas, then that’s where your sales process is breaking down.

On the other hand, if you are someone who finds yourself doing mundane activities (its called procrastination) instead of picking up the phone, or following up that lead then it’s most likely you have a deeper psychological reluctance (or fear) to sell. In which case, your emotional response in the sales situation will be taking you out.

If this is you then please don’t be alarmed as you’ll be in the majority of small business owners and solopreneurs if this is the case. But let’s check this out right now.

Do you find yourself saying any of the following when faced with a sales situation?

  • I’ll do follow-up calls tomorrow, or later in the week
  • I don’t like to bother people when they’re busy
  • I’m sure they’ll think I’m a nuisance, or being too pushy
  • They won’t like me if I keep calling them
  • Perhaps I’ll send a letter, email or brochure instead of calling
  • I don’t want them to ask me something I don’t know
  • They haven’t replied so must think I’m too expensive
  • I don’t want to be a pest, I’ll leave it for now
  • I’ll do it after I’ve had another coffee or filed these papers, walked the dog, got myself organised …
  • And more …

SYMPTOMS include …


  • Low £-turnover
  • Poor customer service
  • No sales system in place
  • Inconsistent follow up
  • Feelings of anxiety
  • Depression and low self-belief
  • Business failing

The good news is there is a cure!




  • Do you have a step by step sales process taking prospects through to paying customers? Review what you currently do.
  • Do you regularly track your sales progress and identify where you can make improvements?
  • How do you feel when making sales calls or following up by phone?
  • How do you feel when dealing with sales face-to-face?
  • How confident and competent are you at giving a sales presentation to a group of people?
  • How competent overall do you rate yourself in sales on a scale of 1-10? (1 = poor, 10 = excellent).


Emotional barriers (often subconsciously) and lack of skill prevent the sales process from moving forward. Fear of sales manifests in self-sabotaging actions and subtle messages you give yourself.

True sales training will enable you to change on a psychological level so you feel confident at every step of the sales process. It’s also one of the fastest and quickest ways to bring immediate cash into your business. In short, sales training is the best investment you will ever make. It brings benefits to all areas of your life – as well as your business!

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