We live in a world where everything is based around monetary values. And when we talk of wanting to live a wealthy life and we tend to link this to money in so much as if I have enough money to do all the things I want to do … then I’ll be happy.

Yes, a wealthy life does include a money element as you do have to live. But there are people out there telling you to visualize money arriving through your mailbox. Or sit back and imagine bank notes raining down on you. And recite an affirmation along with this to make it seem real.

Unfortunately that’s a very random approach to wealth, because if you just believe the universe is going to bless you and make you wealthy, you’re basically not sowing first. You’re trying to reap without sowing. That’s what you’re doing if you are imagining money arriving without your taking the necessary actions for it to arrive.

I love the definition that ‘wealth is the ability to get what you value by being of service to others’.

And did you notice that I didn’t say ‘money’? The reason I’m pointing this out is that some people have the idea that wealth is just having money. Let’s look at it this way. If for instance, you get a job and earn £500,000 a year, most people will be happy with that. But what if your highest priority was your family life and bringing up your children and your job is taking up six days a week and most evenings. Would that be wealthy for you?

It wouldn’t be wealth, it would be a real detriment because for you wealth is raising your children and having that family experience.

So on the other hand, if someone wasn’t that concerned about family life but they had a complete desire to build monetary wealth, then if they were able to have a job like that, they’d be very happy. It wouldn’t bother them.

So, wealth is based on what you value.

Now, here’s the key and remember this. You’ll never build wealth until wealth aligns with your true values. You’ll never build wealth, meaning you’ll never get the thing that you want, be it money or relationships or whatever else, until that thing that you want is in alignment with your current value system.

Wealth comes from the Latin root for “well-being,” it’s complete being, it’s one being.

The way to build a wealthy life is to start by identifying your true values and how you can use these in a way that serves others. This in turn will bring in the monetary aspect that will allow you to lead your wealthy life doing what you love.

Start by building every area of your well-being including relationships, health, fitness, social, dietary, money … and start to increase your overall well-being.

Article by Wendy Howard, Spirit of Venus
www.spiritofvenus.co.uk & www.grow-training.com

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