In the corporate world, it didn’t take me very long to realise that being a spiritual entrepreneur is something that ‘traditional’ businesses often frown upon or will discount what you do very quickly as they don’t understand or view you with suspician.

So what exactly is a spiritual entrepeneur?

A spiritual entrepeneur is someone who is committed to creating success for themselves whilst helping others using spiritual or metaphysical principles. They work from the utmost integrity at all times. They connect with core energy and source. They know everything happens for a reason. The only enemy is that which is not yet known about oneself.

And in the corporate world for an experienced leader, with this comes sound business acumen and ability to make change happen for the best outcome for all concerned. Rather than being feared, spiritual entrepreneurship is to be embraced as the experience will enable profound change for the better on every level, with sound business strategies that really work.

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