The Law of Polarity In Business

Is it possible to accelerate your success? Why do some people find it easy and others struggle?

It’s all to do with the Law of Polarity, which states that everything in the universe has an opposite and it’s equal in opposites. In other words, when you come across someone who has a desire or a need for any amount of money and they don’t have it, what they can’t see is that the money is right there for them already in their lives. They’re just not seeing it.

As far as the Law of Polarity is concerned, there is a pressing need for money and the opposite of this is that the money is already there – it’s just invisible to the person right now. The toughest part when somebody doesn’t have any money in their life and there is this huge pressing need to have money for whatever it is they need it for, then it’s difficult to get this understanding across to them. Because for the Law of Polarity to do it’s work, there is a need to keep an open mind that the money is already there and understand that it is only their belief system that is telling them they don’t have any money.

The first part of understanding the Law of Polarity is to understand that what they’re seeing in their life has everything to do with their belief system. They see what they believe and they don’t see what they don’t believe. So the idea is about starting to change their belief system so they can see the money.

Napolean Hill in ‘Think and Grow Rich’ calls this the sly disguises of opportunity. He says ‘when the opportunity came, it appeared in a different form and from a different direction’ than he’d expected. It’s one of the tricks of opportunity. It has a sly habit of creeping in the back door and is often disguised in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat. He goes on to say that, ‘perhaps this is why so many people fail to recognize opportunity – the opportunity for them to extend products and services and then, receive money for them.

So many people working in their own businesses do not see the opportunity until they have changed their belief system and that is the big challenge. Because when there is a need to change the belief system, it’s often where people get frozen or they don’t want to take the next action step. In other words to become of themselves they have to want to step up to the opportunity in order to grasp it.

Napolean Hill describes it in this way by saying ‘sometimes it comes in misfortune or temporary defeat because the fact that they have to make changes that are uncomfortable for them, it appears unfortunate’. They’ve got to do things that they’re already programmed to be uncomfortable with. Most of the people around the world are programmed with the idea of working for a living. In other words ‘go and get a job of some kind’. They are employed by someone else. The rules and values and beliefs that actually help a person thrive in employment to another individual are totally contrary to the rules, values and beliefs that an entrepreneur has in order to extend great service and make money.

So part of the process for an entrepreneur is to identify what their beliefs, rules and values are which are working like an operations manual in their lives that are preventing them from getting the things they want and then seeing it and recognizing it and having it flow into their lives really effortlessly. Now when I say effortlessly, this does not mean without having to do some work!

We all have 24 hours every day and we all do something within those 24 hours. So you do have to be very critical about what you do during those 24 hours. But when the belief system changes, the money and the results start to flow into the person’s life, very effortlessly.

In other words, they will still do work but the work that they do is likely to have changed to work that they love. They may have found their life’s purpose. Sometimes individuals’ change may be in the passion they feel for what they do. Or it might be in their relationships or in their jobs. Whatever it is, the results they are getting will be very different to those they had with their previously limiting beliefs.

So start by looking beyond the ‘I haven’t got the money to do this’ and focus on making the invisible visible.

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