So you want a richer, more rewarding and successful life? When you look around do you see it happening to other people but not to you? What’s the missing ingredient?

I have a friend who’s always telling stories about how things have just happened to her. She is of course very successful leading a very full and enriched life. She’s vibrant and always has a great story to tell. Her latest story is about how she landed her perfect job with an amazing boss. She’d been invited to London to attend the opening night of a play and began chatting to a complete stranger on the underground as she made her way to the theatre. In short, he gave her his card and asked her to give him a call sometime. It all happened in about five minutes flat.
Most people might have thought that a little forward and not done anything about it, but my friend was curious. She called him the next day because she was so nosy and wanted to finish the conversation they’d started on the tube. What transpired next was an invitation to meet him over lunch to discuss the possibility of a business proposition. Again, very curious, my friend decided to accept (and I think an invitation to The Savoy might have swung it in his favour). The outcome was that she’d just landed the most amazing job with this man’s company. He’d been looking for someone outgoing and articulate to oversee his holiday letting agency – wait for it! – In the Bahamas!!!

Yes, that’s right. The Bahamas with accommodation and everything paid for plus.. regular trips home if she wanted them. Of course she was so curious having never been to the Bahamas that she was in flight before the week was out. And yes, it is amazing and she loves her job so much that she rarely feels like taking a trip home – although she does miss Harvey Nicholls which is a good enough reason to take her holiday when it’s due!

Yes, you might attribute her success to good luck, being in the right place at the right time or her determination to succeed. But the real secret is her ‘curiosity’. Because curiosity helps us to approach uncertainty in our everyday lives with a positive attitude. You might think that being in control over your life and circumstances brings you pleasure but its uncertainty and challenge that brings the longest-lasting benefits.

When I asked my friend about her curious nature and how she uses it to her advantage she hadn’t really thought too much about it. Apart from making it her business to always search for interesting new people wherever she is and to have a conversation with them. She loves life and is fascinated by other people and what makes them tick. And that just about sums it all up – curiosity.

So put curiosity to the test and next time start be nosy and find out as much as you can about the people you meet. Be interested in them and their life. You never know, it might just lead to a trip to the Bahamas!

Article by: Wendy Howard, Spirit of Venus, &

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