Can you imagine how it would be if you had a light switch that you could turn on whenever you wanted to and it would light up your life and business? How would that make you feel? What might it allow you to do?

Would it change how you viewed your past? Would it make a difference to how you view your future? Would it change how you currently create wealth?

I’m going to share that light switch moment with you … because it really does exist!

But first, there’s a very special definition of wealth that I’d like to share with you and how you can build that wealth in your future. And the definition is this, “Wealth is the ability to get what you value by serving others”.

And it’s often said by many business and spiritual leaders that ‘everyone deserves to be wealthy’. And if you follow what they teach and do what they do then you will receive the rewards they have. But the problem with this something that’s called guru-ism is that you often end up getting stuck following people instead of being leaders and realizing that you have the same traits that those people have. And you can do the same things those people have in your own way, but in a way that’s aligned with your true values, rather than theirs.

So, it’s all about connecting the parts of yourself to your true values. You need to be building your life and business around your soul values. Those things that are true for you.

Remember, that you are here to do something unique and that sometimes it might seem so daunting that even you can’t even imagine achieving it. But it’s often the very thing that people may be telling you is impossible for you to do, is the very thing that your soul may be calling you to do, the very thing that may be your destiny to do.

So start today and explore what has meaning in your life for you … and what you were destined to do.

Article by Wendy Howard, Spirit of Venus &

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