It makes sense if you want to win the race to begin at the starting line. But it takes much more than this to win the race.

Every winning athlete has already honed out what their niche is … the 100 metres for some, marathons for others. A lot of work has gone into which tactics to apply to enable them to shine in their niche. Training, dietary needs, discipline, winning attitude, dealing positively with any disappointments or injuries that are part of the course.

Of course, in the beginning athletes need to have a level of natural ability and a love of what they do. Or how could they possibly set aside the time, energy and sheer hard work to make it in that profession.

Is it any different in your own business?

You need all of those traits and winning formula of the winning athlete albeit directed in a different area. But here’s where most get it wrong – they start off in the wrong race.

And no matter how hard you apply those traits or that winning formula, you can never win or bring the fulfillment you want.

Where must you start?

Begin with your greatness – your super hero qualities. What is it that makes you shine? What is your signature genius? Identify who you are and who you were meant to be. Rediscover your inner awareness.

Then like the winning athlete, learn everything you can in business to support your signature genius. That’s the winning formula.

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