According to a word of mouth legend, you can reach anyone else on the whole planet through a chain of only six people! Can you imagine how powerful that is for building your network!

So how does this work? Well let’s look at an example if for instance you wanted to reach the head of state for China then it might go something like this:

1. You give a novelty item to someone you know in the U.K. who perhaps does some international travel.
2. They send that novelty item to someone who’s living in China.
3. That person is intrigued and sends it on to someone else within China …
4. … who has a contact working in the Head of States office …
5. That person knows who is the personal P.A. to the Head of State in China …
6. … who gives it to them at during the morning break.

Very intriguing isn’t it?

So who is it that you want to make contact with who can help you do something amazing today?
Then it’s time to start your change of events using the six degrees of separation.

Article by: Wendy Howard, Spirit of Venus, &

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