Isn’t it time you stopped striving and started living?

The answer is to simplify what you already have. Here’s some tips on how to do that:

1. Start with small meaningful steps – Redecorate that spare room, find a new job, re-mortgage your house or do the garden. Sometimes jobs are so big they weigh us down to the point of not being able to start on them at all. Trying to deal with
everything all at once is just far too overwhelming. To achieve any goal you must break it down into manageable chunks. In doing so it gives you the opportunity to deal with a load of emotions that pop us when making change, such as fear, doubt,
and the constant pressure to succeed. Starting small allows you to build up confidence and it’s amazing how much progress you will make with little stress.

2. Clear out on a regular basis – Don’t let things pile up. Go through cupboards, clothes, medicine cabinet, under the stairs, the loft and anywhere else you store items. Donate items to a charity shop or do a bootsale or put them on eBay and make some
money. Make a point of doing this on a regular basis so it cuts down on clutter. This in itself is a great exerciser in that it makes space and creates time to invest in the things that are important to us. We save more time by knowing where everything
is. A simpler life is a more enriched life.

3. Prioritise what’s important –Don’t say ‘yes’ to everything just because it’s expected that you will as you’ve done that in the past. Start by asking yourself what is important to you in your life. Is it family? Friends? Work? Business? Relationship? Health?
Then ask yourself ‘How do I show this in my everyday life?’ This will get you to look at the imbalance between what you say and what you do.

4. Focus on the present, the now – In doing so, you will simplify things because reality is that it’s the only thing you can do anything about. The past, like the future is out of your control. The present is something you can consciously affect. Tell yourself
that you can’t change the past and the future is still to materialise but you can take control of the present and do something right now.

5. Be objective – About how you interpret events or things that happen in your life. We tend to see things from our perspective rather than the other persons and as such we give our meaning to the interpretation. Staying silent is a way of avoiding
confrontation but when this happens what remains unsaid creates misunderstanding. Be aware of the facts when you interpret what has happened and why it has happened.

6. Become a lifelong learner – In doing so you will search to understand your life and the lives of others much more. Learn something new, take a night course, a new hobby, learn how to garden, paint or play a game. We never lose the ability to learn
something new. It’s this ability that overcomes confusion and doubt once we can do something we never thought possible. Learning new things gives us a new sense of worth and cures any doubts. Simplifying our lives isn’t something we learn, it’s
learning that simplifies our lives.

7. Switch it off and re-connect – What am I talking about? Email, internet and anything else that is electronically eating away at your time. With so much information we’re overloaded to the point we can no longer concentrate on what we need to. We
spend our time answering emails, texting, or scheduling online. Choose a few hours each week or even during each day to just switch it all off. Take the time out to learn how to re-focus and choose to do one thing at a time. Complete each of your
‘one things’ fully before you move on to something else. If you find this difficult then it’s all the more important that you do this exercise because you’ve lost the ability to focus and prioritise. Unfortunately it’s become a way of life today whereby we
can’t concentrate on anything for very long. It’s important that we have switch off times to go back, retrieve ourselves and re-discover the abilities that we’ve sadly lost.

Article by: Wendy Howard, Spirit of Venus, &

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