Is Getting Rich Really A Science?

And if so, can anyone master it?

Getting rich is sometimes referred to as a science and if so, why do so many people struggle with getting rich? After all, there are a number of people who study science but they aren’t rich.

With science you can take any result, look back and then figure out what the causes were in order for that result to happen. And then this same result can be repeated in a laboratory to achieve the same result. There’s an exact science to it.

And the same applies to getting rich. If you take any person who is financially wealthy, there’s an exact science to it. You can look back over the steps in what they did with themselves first, and then with their external world, second. And find out exactly what they did and duplicate it with any person.

Simple! Or perhaps not …

Let’s look at these two stages. There’s the internal work first, followed by the external work. What happens is that most people focus on the external work such as getting a job or finding some way to make money, whereas what they should be focusing on is the internal work to get their mindset in the right place to receive and manage their money.

Of course, money itself isn’t the problem although often we see it as being the problem because we don’t have enough. And it’s sometimes said that rich people are filthy rich – that’s bad then isn’t it? And not everyone who has a lot of money has accumulated it by doing good. People can be rich because they’ve robbed a bank or stolen from others. While many people do good with their money and help others through the money they’ve accumulated. Either way, there will be a scientific pattern which can be traced back as to how each person got to be rich.

So, if getting rich is a science why isn’t it taught at school so we can all benefit from it? I mean it certainly wasn’t on the curriculum at my school, or indeed any others that I know of.

The reason is that from the moment we’re born in our current society most of us are taught that to get everything we desire in life then we must go out and get it. In other words, it’s separate from ourselves, we don’t possess it, and we have to do things in order to deserve what it is that we want. And then, we have to go out and actually get it. In other words, we have to do something to get that money or to get that happiness, or to get those results in life.

But when we have to get, the perception inside of ourselves is that we don’t already have it. So, then you’re looking through your eyes with this perception from a place of lack. In other words, I don’t have it; it’s always something that I have to get. And what happens is that money then eludes most people.

The truth of the matter is that there are more people on this planet that do not have a belief system about making money come into their life easily than there are that are. It’s only a very small percentage of people who have a belief system that allows them to acquire money relatively easy and in great abundance in their lives.

What is it that makes the difference?

The first step is to accept responsibility for your life. If you are coming from a place of entitlement that you are deserving of any amount of money. The other side of this is that many people come from having a victim mindset and that of poverty. If you’re coming from a place of being a victim to the outside world where you believe that everybody owes you something or needs to do things for you and yet, nothing ever changes or gets done, then you’re not in the right mindset to bring the wealth in.

So, some quick things you can do …

i. Make the decision to take responsibility for your life.

ii. Check out your mindset – where are you coming from?

iii. How deserving are you? Do you deserve to be rich?

Explore these points from as many different perspectives as you can and you will have made a start on your inner work towards a wealthy life.

Article by: Wendy Howard
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