Soul values are quite fascinating. And yes, you might ask what exactly are they as they’re not something that’s spoken about very often.

Soul values are the things that you value more than anything else. They are the things that resonate with your soul base on your current level of development.

They’re the things that are your happiest moments, the feelings you feel in your happiest moments and the feeling behind what you feel, they’re really your internal compass. Your soul values dictate how you live your life and this is the most important part, what brings you pain and what causes you elation.

When you do things based on your soul values then you become a higher ordered system. But when you look at your past it’s often the case that it’s not in alignment with your soul values

So first of all you have to know what your soul values are so that you can become a higher ordered system.

Now, here’s the thing about wealth … wealth always flows to the higher ordered system, to the most whole being.

For example, look at any national or international stock exchange, they’re all highly ordered systems. They have very complete processes, they have full understanding of every part of that system, it’s organized, it’s systematized, it’s tested, it’s integrated, and it works. It all works in harmony.

And why is that? What happens? Well, wealth comes into that system because people and wealth move to higher order. As human beings we always move to a higher order, such to the extent that if you don’t begin to place that order in, you will automatically lower your ordering system. You become a less ordered systems and as such wealth moves away from you.

And I will mention forgiveness here as its a wonderful thing as well. But, forgiveness implies that there had to be a victim. And now, you have to be a forgiver of the situation versus integrating it into your life and seeing what possible benefit you had from it. There’s no forgiveness because there’s just pure understanding.

There’s pure understanding that everything, at some level, has a benefit in your overall development. But it’s only when you move to that higher level.

So, the greatest pain that you have in your life is when you’re disconnected from your soul. The soul is the highest aspiration of your being, it’s the greatest order in your life.

Marcus Aurelius, the emperor of Rome and a philosopher said, “If you’re distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself but to your estimate of it. And this, you have the power to revoke at any moment.” In other words, pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.

What you have to understand is that wealth is a highly ordered system. If you look at any system, the financial system, it’s all very structured.

But can you imagine how you’d be if for instance, you had some money to invest and you made an appointment to see a financial adviser. When you arrive at the office you are kept waiting. Then when you go in to discuss your affairs the person is flipping through a pile of folders trying to find your information. Then they drop some papers on the floor and start sifting thought these saying “I know it’s in here somewhere”. Then they start going through their briefcase which is stuffed full of old receipts and rubbish. Then finally, they find your folder which had fallen under a table in the corner. You look at your information which is loosely stuffed into a coffee-cup stained folder. And some of your information is not up to date or missing. Would you want to invest with this person knowing their system is a complete mess? Surely not!

But in many cases that’s how we’re running our lives because we haven’t integrated our past with who we really are in our soul values.

And so, wealth always goes to the highest order, so, just as I wouldn’t give wealth to that individual because I wouldn’t trust them with that wealth. It’s the same way that you’re dealing with it in your own life.

And it doesn’t matter what wealth we’re speaking of because if you say, well, money is not important to me. If you have values, natural talents and abilities but when you disown those parts of you or hold fragmented ideas of your past and you haven’t integrated them into your life, you subvert your own genius and that’s exactly why we have guru-ism or guru worship.

There’s so many people following gurus and wanting to be just like them. And in many cases you decide you’re going to follow them for 5, 10, or even 20 years and by studying their teachings that you will hopefully become like them. But what is happening is that you are denying yourself from becoming a leader and doing what you love best, sharing your gifts and talents with the world based on your own personal soul values.

And so we know that we have this higher order and that wealth is attracted to this higher order. Doesn’t it make sense at this point to align your life to that higher order. And instead of looking at your past and seeing what’s holding you back, taking your path, aligning it with your soul values and your truth. And then, you and your mission and your destiny become timeless.

And the more you can attach yourself to things that are in a more timeless state, the more wealth that you can draw in. The more you want to create things that change the broader scope of humanity and you can hold a bigger picture of time in your mind, the more wealth you can create, the more wealth you will draw to yourself.

So, if you have a big vision, your life becomes really easy. On the other hand, if you have a small vision, your life becomes really hard. Because the big vision pulls you through and with that you can do just about anything. And wealth and people of a higher caliber, of higher order systems start to draw you in because you then become of a higher order.

Dr. John de Martini says, “Plants grow to the sun, because the sun is a higher ordered system than the plant system.” So, you will always naturally move to the higher ordered systems when you are aligned with your soul values.

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