5 Great Reasons To Smile More!

Reason one: Boost your career or business
Smiling connects us with others and helps us to build better personal, career and business relationships. If you smile you automatically feel better and it has a similar influence on the people around us giving them a feel good factor too.

Reason two: Deja Vu
Looking back at happy memories and smiling helps us to remember things more vividly. In turn we feel more optimistic and motivated. You remember previous good times you’ve had and suddenly everything seems much brighter in the moment too.

Reason three: Fake it
There’s a saying ‘fake it ‘till you make it’ and smiling is no different. If you’re feeling down, tied or just out of sorts, then smile! Because when you smile you naturally release endorphins which are natural painkillers and also serotonin which will work together to make you feel good. When you smile it’s impossible to feel negative or angry at the same time.

Reason four: Meet more people
When we’re happy and smiling we attract more people. We’re not drawn to people who are miserable and frowning. A smile draws people in and makes the world go round.

Reason five: It’s easy to do
Smiling is easy to do and we can all do it. It doesn’t cost anything for us to smile. And even better, we use fewer muscles to contract and expand than when we’re frowning. So look after that smile.
And I hadn’t really thought about it before but I’ve been told that there are as many as 18 different kinds of smile. So see how many smiles you can find in your face today. Have fun!!!

Article by: Wendy Howard, Spirit of Venus, www.spiritofvenus.co.uk & www.grow-training.com

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