Why Is Selling So Difficult For Most Entrepreneurs?

Do you struggle to make the sales you would like for your business? Do you feel uncomfortable asking for the sale? Do you feel you handle the sales process badly?

Lack of sales is often the very reason most businesses fail as there is no cash flow into the business to sustain it. So shouldn’t it be a priority to ensure you have the skills to sell?

Absolutely! But there’s more …

You see sales skills are often taught by teaching you how to begin by introducing your business and then taking your client step by step through your products and services – right?


Why? Because you are talking all about you and your services and true sales people are more interested in the client and the client’s business. In other words its not about you or your products or services, it’s all about them and their problem which you will solve.

So the first part of this is really about your mindset which should be focused on serving your client and helping them solve them problem by matching up the solution you’re your products and services – rather than trying to sell to them.

If you think of sales in this way, then you are approaching the sales process with a completely new mind frame.

But here’s something else and that is to be able to take the ‘emotion’ out of the sales process to that you remain as emotionless as possible until after the sale.

Why is this important?

Because it’s the emotion that is driving the fear or the negativity towards you’re having to sell. And until you are able to recognize and tune into the different emotions they may still sabotage your success in sales.

How do you do this?

Start to recognize when feelings of discomfort come up and try to identify the emotion which is driving the feeling. Secondly, try to pinpoint the time that these emotions come up. Is it at the thought of having to sell? Is it when you try to close the sale? Is it when you ask for the order?

All of this is important when learning the skills to sell because the more in tune you are with your emotions then the more able will you be to control the sales process.

So, by working on these two simple processes alone i. Mindset and ii. Emotions, you will be able to start to transform the sales in your business.

Article by: Wendy Howard
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