Sales … without them you don’t have a business. And if you’re in the majority of business owners then you want more of them – right?

Having worked with many different business owners from large corporations through to individual entrepreneurs working from home, I see the same problems arise when it comes to sales.

How many of the following can you relate to?

• I’m a great coach but simply hopeless at sales!
• I need my sales team to sell more
• I want to motivate my sales team to make more calls
• I don’t like to appear too pushy
• I’m okay when I’m in front of a client and can show them how I can help them … but it’s getting there in the first place that’s the problem.
• I simply hate having to sell.

And the list goes on … but behind all of this is just ONE thing … and that is a FEAR of sales. The problem is really a mindset one, which is fueled by the emotion of fear, materializing in the reluctance to pick up the phone, make that follow-up call or ask for the order.

Sales training and giving sales presentations will help with increasing your confidence as these will give you the techniques to use. However, they won’t necessarily help slay and put to rest that initial mindset problem.

The mindset and fear of sales may feel less once you’ve mastered the sales techniques but it will still materialize again and could sabotage your sales success … unless you deal with it in a different way.

How do you do that?

The first step is to identify that it exists and uncover why it’s there in the first place. Often this relates to the values you were brought up with.

Then it’s important to understand where the ‘feeling’ or ‘emotional charge’ you get when you’re faced with those sales situations which you find difficult.

Once you have explored this in some detail, then you are ready to remove that way of thinking and putting in place a more supportive mindset to help you gain clients.

After all, sales is not about simply finding clients and being to sell to them. Sales is really about your customer service and how well you are able to match up what it is you are offering to meet the needs of your clients.

And one final thought, if you are not selling your valuable products and services to those clients who will really benefit from what you have to offer … surely they will have to go elsewhere won’t they?

And if they do that, aren’t you denying them the opportunity to gain from your valuable products and service that could really help them?

And even worse … the product or service they do buy might not be as good as the one you offer … and possibly more expensive.

You owe it to people to be able to sell your products and services because that is all part of great customer service.

Article by: Wendy Howard
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