The Three Biggest Sales Blocks Of All Time.

1. Allowing your emotions to take over, especially at a critical moment. When that happens you either clam up or fall into the trap of defending yourself. Either way, the sale is lost.

To overcome this get used to tapping into and identifying your emotional state. Recognize and acknowledge it. When you find your emotions coming up, ask your prospect a question about them. Become more interested in them and let your emotional state settle back down.

2. Giving in to the fear of selling and letting it manifest in your behaviour of avoiding certain situations or not picking up that phone when you know you should.

To overcome this try to identify what your emotional attachment is. In doing so, you will be in a far better position to try to overcome and move beyond it.

3. Lack of knowledge or ability to create a great sales conversation. All good sales people are excellent communicators at all levels in a number of different ways.

As such you will have a preferred way to sell. In doing so, how you communicate your message in your preferred way will always work best for you.

Article by: Wendy Howard
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