Busting Through The Fear Of Sales!

Whatever your business, whether it’s with customers in a shop, selling online or attending networking events – you will have to sell.

Yes, I know that brings up uncomfortable feelings for most people (me too once up on a time). But believe me, without these skills you will struggle … or fail. It’s that simple.

One of the exercises I found that was really good for busting through the fear of sales is this:

Take a blank piece of paper and write down every single excuse you can think of as to why people are not buying from you. This might be ‘it’s the economy’, or ‘people are not spending money right now,’ or ‘people are very choosy what they buy,’ or ‘people are not investing in their personal development right now.’

Write a long list with every single excuse that you can think of. What this is doing is actually what most people do on a daily basis and it’s this; they are putting the energy and focus into negative thought. It’s just a negative mindset and as such it can only be true if you make it so. Reality is, that people are still buying what they want regardless of the economy. Look at the high street … there are shoppers in almost every store. Look at the internet … sales have continued to grow despite the state of the economy. Look at the cars on the road … people are still buying new cars (and there was a 3-month waiting list when I wanted to update my car).

Truth is, you are the one who has to be flexible and change. You have to eliminate that negative thinking from your mindset. If you put your energy and focus on the negative things that are happening externally then it’s going to bring you down. You need to find a way to separate yourself from that negative thinking.

So, go back to your piece of paper and cross out each and every one of these excuses and replace it with a positive thought. For instance; ‘it’s the economy’, change to ‘in this economy people need and want more of I have to offer’. Or ‘people are not spending money right now,’ to ‘people want exceptionally good value now more than ever and that’s all part of my good service’.

This exercise is particularly powerful if you can combine the positive thinking with ‘why you are doing this right now’. What is it bringing to you personally and what is it giving to the person buying your products and services.

Think positive, be positive and act positive and watch those sales come rolling in.

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