Oh I hate having to sell! How many times have I heard that? Well, let me tell you something … it all depends on your mindset.

And that mindset is the difference as to whether or not you are thinking in terms of a ‘having to sell’ or whether you are making it a part of your ‘customer service’.

What’s the difference?

Having to sell provokes that horrible feeling of being a pest, and manifests itself in the fear of picking up the phone … or making that follow up call.

Customer service on the other hand is being a guest rather than a pest. If someone has requested information from you, then they deserve to receive it. And great customer service is in calling your customer to make sure they’ve received it.

And then asking them how long they it will take for them to review it. And do they have any further questions at this stage? And making sure you’ve told them that you’ve made a note in your diary to give them a courtesy call back. And checked to make sure this is going to be a suitable time and day for them to receive that call or make an alternative one with them. And then keeping to that appointment you made in your diary to discuss the way forward.

So you see … that is all a sales process but really it’s about customer service at every step of the way. And I guarantee it’s those business owners who make customer service part of their business who make the most impact in sales.

The great thing is that when you concentrate on sales in this way, you lose that fear of dreading to pick the phone up, or living in fear of being a pest. After all, ‘NO’ is not an option until the person says so. Until then, it’s up to you to show them how great you are at customer service.

Are you ready to increase your bottom line? Then check out your customer service right from that first moment of contact.

Article by: Wendy Howard
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