To increase your happiness and well being, start by writing a story about the happiest moments in your life. It doesn’t have to be a long story (unless you want it to be of course) it can be a short story. You can put yourself in the story or write it in the third person, it doesn’t really matter, so long as you capture those happiest moments.

When you write your story include all the little detail, the places as you remember them, the weather, the people, anyone you’ve loved and cared about, pets, or anything that you were doing at that time which you thoroughly enjoyed. Include any memories of food or drink and any aromas that you recall. Are your memories of holidays, places, a day out, chilling with friends ore being with family on special occasions? And as you remember these times start to tap into the feelings and emotions you experienced at that time. Include this into your story.

What happens when you do this exercise is that it enables you to re-create the feelings attached to the times you felt blissfully happy and free. And sometimes when doing this exercise people have written some wonderful poems when they didn’t even realize they had any particular poetic ability before doing the exercise. That really is amazing.

And when you bring back these wonderful times your whole physiology will start to change and you will begin to smile. Notice how your body language changes and how your confidence level starts to soar. Because the emotional link is really an ‘anchor’ where you are able to re-access the experience and see, hear, feel, taste and smell everything again just as if you were there. In doing so, your physiology will change inline with your remembered experience.

There are two very important reasons for doing this. Firstly, its because we live in a virtual world doing much of our business and life activities online. Social networking isn’t quite the same as deep meaningful and enjoyable relationships first hand. And secondly, we need to take time to re-connect with ourselves. That is so important.

By reconnecting with ourselves, it is reminding ourselves of, not only the great things that have happened to us, the happy times, the motivational times, it’s also connecting with our gifts, our capabilities, the inner wealth and all the great things that we already have that we’ve lost touch with.  So, reconnecting with that and feeling really grateful for it, for them, and celebrating the fact that they exist.  So, whether that’s having a bar of chocolate, even though you might be on a diet, opening a bottle of champagne, going to see a movie.  It doesn’t really matter how you celebrate, that the wealth you already have, it’s so important to do it.

And writing your own story is a way of reconnecting with you and experiencing life to the full once again.

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