Now, there is a little exercise that we find really useful, and that is if you were to write an eulogy. Let’s begin by imagining it was your funeral and you had to write a eulogy that somebody would read at your funeral today, what would it be like? Write this down.

And then take yourself forward 20 years, imagine yourself in 20 years’ time, and that’s when you died, what would the eulogy be like then? Write this down.

And what this exercise does is it gives you the opportunity to create some stuff within the 20-year period that you could really get excited about. And it really opens up your thoughts and gets you to look at where you are now and what you’ve achieved so far.

And I know that when I’m at the end of my life I want to be able to tell a story. What happened during my life. What changes took place. What I did with my life. Who I met along the way. And the great experiences I had.

And I don’t know if you’ve ever watched ‘Only Fools & Horses’ but Grandad was a great inspirational story teller about his time in the war. And a large part of the series focussed on his stories which of course were often elaborated in great detail depending on the occasion. Non-the-less, they were so entertaining and brought his character to life in a way that no-one else ever could.

And doing this exercise also gives you a choice. Do I make something of my life or don’t I? And so, setting some goals in life is important. And once you set goals, you do start to feel more in control, you start to feel as though you are taking charge of your life, and that your life will change. And this in turn will shift your motivation, and it will make you happy because you’ve got a purpose.

So start writing that eulogy today …

Article by: Wendy Howard,

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