Why is it that so many people are trying to get results, become more successful … but the results you want are not showing up in your life or your business?

Or you go to seminars and feel really good about it for a little while and motivated to take some action … but very soon you find you’ve fallen back into the way it’s always been … and the results you wanted have totally evaded you once again.

Sometimes personal development, the way it’s traditionally being taught creates more challenges. And it can at times lead to more difficulty, sometimes even more unhappiness.

So you try it all … Law of Attraction … Hypnosis … Affirmations … and still it doesn’t work! Can you relate to that?

That’s because there are certain challenges with a lot of the teachings that are out there. Because frankly, when you go in and you try to use for instance, affirmations, like we’ve all been taught to get us to ‘think positive’, the challenges start within our mind on two levels.

There’s the conscious mind, where most of our active thinking is. And then, there’s the subconscious mind. As you’re probably aware that it’s been shown that up to 95 percent of your life is created from within the subconscious mind.

The problem with affirmations or any sort of positive thinking is that it’s very hard to get those into the subconscious mind. So, 90 percent of teachers teaching that, although it’s a great idea, it’s very hard to get that message actually inside of the mind. And for many people it just doesn’t go deep enough.

So it’s a great idea to work to change your subconscious beliefs. However, if your subconscious mind was completely clear and positive, you’re still a human being. So what tends to happen is that whatever you think that comes through that subconscious mind into your conscious awareness, it ends up coming through with some sort of negative tint and negative taint. And that because you have an ego. It’s just part of your reality.

So what needs to happen to go deep enough is first of all to not try to blot out the negative thinking. Accept it for what is and recognize it as a part of you. And then to work on changing your long-term beliefs, both your past and your future and aligning this with a new heightened awareness.

This will allow you to bypass a lot of the things that stop you learning new ways of being.

Article by Wendy Howard, Spirit of Venus
www.spiritofvenus.co.uk & www.grow-training.com

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