Are you fed up or exhausted not having the time, energy or space to be you? Are your emotions frazzled and your energy low?

Then try these 20 simple ways to simplify your life:

1. Remember Parkinson’s Law
Parkinson’s Law says that ‘work expands to fill the time available for it’s completion’. This was observed by author Cyril Northcote Parkinson in 1955. The best way to spent less time working is to spend less time at work. Give yourself a set time to complete a task. Limit the time spend in your office. Give yourself a set time to complete that deadline. Stick to it. this will free up your time from work.

2. Change your concentrated working environment.

Its too easy to be distracted by checking emails or taking those calls. When working on a project change your environment to one where there is no internet connection, no phone and no distractions.

3. Put it on paper
It may seem strange but having a diary online or doing your budget on a spreadsheet on your computer is not the same as using pen and paper. The same goes for goal setting. it’s a different part of the brain we are using for writing as for computer work. It’s easier to remember and keeps it simple by writing it down and crossing it off. You are much more likely to remember to do it aswell as to complete the task.

4. Stop chasing, start doing.
Spending too much time chasing ideas around or looking up information on the internet. It may feel as though you’ve done some work but what have you actually achieved? Nothing beats getting stuck in and getting the job done.

5. Stop asking “What do I need”.

And start asking what can I do right now with what I’ve got. This saves trips to the supermarket or getting you to start on that project and work with what you have.

6. Don’t think in terms of hours you must work.

Think in terms of what you’re going to get done. Break the habit of thinking of “I’ve got so many hours of work, then I’ll have time off”. Start to focus on getting though based on the jobs you want to do within a certain time frame.

7. Don’t Listen To Your Old Tapes
You know what I mean by this don’t you? It’s those old tapes playing in your head based on the beliefs you have. if you’ve always believed your useless at time keeping … that is just a belief you’ve made up for yourself. You do have the power to change that by taking responsibility for your own actions.

8. De-clutter.
I love this one. It’s a technique recommended by Elaine St James, author of Simply Your Life. Put all of your clutter, papers, other bits covering your desk or around your house into a box. Seal it up and date it. If you haven’t opened it by the same date next year – bin it!

9. Take off your watch
Yes, that’s right. Stop wearing your watch and focus on the tasks you want to complete. If you need to find out the time you can always do that by some other means … but after you’ve finished what it is you intended completing.

10. You really don’t need it!
What am I talking about? Well, it’s those extra little bits you buy and hoard. The things you ‘might’ need apart from what was on your shopping list. Or the buy one, get it free. It’s often not a bargain at all and you can end up buying something just because two were on offer – don’t… unless it was already on your list or is one of your usual items.

11. Break down big jobs
We call this chunking down. Breaking a big job down into chunks that we can manage. Make the decision as to which chunk you will work on today.

12. Sit still
Try this exercise. Sitting still for 5 minutes in complete silence with your eyes closed. If this is hard to do (and for many people it is) then practice it some more. You’ve got out of the need to be ‘busy’ at all times. This little exercise really bring sit home just how busy your life or work has been. Give yourself 5 minutes a couple of times per day.

13. Make a Monthly List
At the beginning of every month make a list of what you are going to do or buy. Re-evalate it at the end of the month and ask yourself ‘is it really necessary to do that?’ or ‘is it really necessary to buy that?’ Probably not!

14. What does it matter?
Be honest, does it really matter if you don’t complete that report or go to that meeting? What’s the worst that can happen? If it’s not necessary don’t do it.

15. Stop hoarding.
Could someone else benefit from whatever it is you don’t seem to want to part with? Hanging onto something just for the sake of it is a form of indecision. If someone else can benefit from it more than you currently do, then it’s time to let it go.

16. Who’s problem is it?
Do you find yourself being stopped by others who demand your time? Do they drain your energy? Do they take over your life? If you find someone is coming to you with their problems or their chaos which is going to put demands on you, then flip this back onto them by pointing out that ‘they caused this themselves’ or they have allowed someone else to put demands on them (in which case point this out). No, you don’t have to drop everything to run someone to a hospital appointment they’ve had booked for 3 weeks. It is their responsibility to have sorted transport or other arrangements out prior to this – not yours. Don’t let them make it a last minute emergency that throws your life out.

17. Ask a friend
This might even be a virtual friend or someone famous you don’t really know. If you’re stuck for an answer to a problem, then ask it as if you’re asking another person. Be open to the solution. This gets your brain to think outside of the ‘me’ box.

18. Be present in the here and now.
Look around you and take it all in. Be grateful for everything you currently have and the situation you are in. Stop living life in the future. Concentrate on enjoying each day at a time.

19. Train yourself to make a decision.
By setting yourself some ground rules. For instance, by setting a deadline to leave work by each day – and sticking to it.

20. Do more of what you love!
Research has shown that when we tap into our emotions rather than listening to what’s in our head this will lead to greater happiness.

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