As a transformational change master current times are extremely exciting. Right now our world is undergoing tremendous transformational times. And it’s a time for all of us to recognize that there are two types of human beings on the planet.

Firstly, there are those people who live around and are centered around the cultural consciousness that they are strictly ego, physical bodies trying to manage survival, very fear-based, very anxious, very struggling with “me against you.”

In doing so, they’re struggling with life, struggling with one another, struggling with the government, struggling with their families, struggling with their bodies, struggling with their depression. Everything is an endless struggle.

And then there are the other type of people out there who are really enjoying life; living in their hearts; with an incredible appreciation of the planet; of their life experience, their creations, of connecting with human beings in a profound and meaningful way. It’s like living in whole, different world paradigm.

There has never been a time so strong as now to realize that how we travel through life is our choice. On the one hand is the trip to hell and the other is a glorious, first class, phenomenal journey.
And it’s really about you being able to understand that there are these two different frequencies. One goes with the flow, and one goes against the flow.

When you go with the flow you are connected to a higher vibrational energy and life becomes blissful. That’s not to say things don’t happen that don’t throw you out or cause you pain – or that wouldn’t be living. But what happens is that you have a greater acceptance of self, others and the world. You are able to take things in your stride in the comfort of being at one with oneself.

When you go against the flow you believe that everything is dangerous or out to take from you. This causes pain and you become defensive or want to hide and retreat. Life is based around fear and disconnection. Your energy is a lower vibrational energy and deflects the good.
When you make a conscious decision to choose your life experience your life will immediately change because your energy vibrations changes.

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