In business or in your career regardless of your strengths there will be times when you feel apprehension, fear or frustration that you are totally out of your comfort zone. It’s the great unknown. Shall I do this? Shall I do that? Oh, I really don’t know so I won’t do anything right now. Have you been there? You are not alone!

When things get like this it can feel really tough. Even to the point of your giving up or moving on to pastures new, rather than facing up to what it is you need to do or learn in order to get through the haze right now. The knowledge or know-how is out there already, its just that you are not seeing it yet or something is holding you back from getting it. For instance, are you afraid of failure if you try something new? Are you confused at the technology to get you to another place with your business? Are you in fear of spending money in gaining the knowledge incase it’s not going to work? Are you afraid of success because if you do that then you might be seen as a fraud (yes, this is quite common as a limiting belief)?

At times like this you may need to ‘borrow’ some confidence or expertise. Having a mentor, someone who’s already been there and understands what its like to be in your shoes. Or a coach who can be by your side as a sounding board but giving you direction and focus to get you through step by step.

When I say ‘borrow’ confidence, it doesn’t have to be someone who’s right here and now either. You might decide to ask a virtual person you admire for their business acumen such as Richard Branson. Or a great leader of the past such as Churchill or Lincoln. And when I say ‘ask’ I don’t literally mean giving them a call as that would be impossible. But what you can do is to ask yourself ‘What would Richard Branson do to solve my problem?’ or ‘what would Churchill or Lincoln have done in my position?’ and then tell yourself ‘I am giving myself permission to borrow some of his (or her) confidence to get me through right now’.

There are times when it’s necessary to borrow some confidence from others’ or to have someone by your side when you’re lacking the self-belief to get you through. In turn this will allow you to gain confidence as you grow. It’s also a good way to work through problem areas and puts a different perspective on the situation.

Once you’ve been through the experience you will find it wasn’t so scary after all. You will have grown beyond that point of fear or not being able to move forward. It’s a turning point in your personal growth.

Article by: Wendy Howard

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