Where’s your passion and motivation? What is it that floats your boat? We’re so engrossed in the struggle that we lose sight of the things that things that actually fire us up. Here’s a lovely little exercise to reignite your passion.

Think back throughout the last 5 years, then 10 years, then 20 years, what are the things which have really excited you? What things have made you feel passionate?

And, then bring those images in your mind back into your life again. It may be an experience going to a live music concert or to see your child’s play. It may be when you played football or tennis with great people around you. It may be back at school or college when you had fun with the crowd you used to hang out with. It doesn’t matter what those experiences are as they are unique to you.

Think back to when was the last time you did those things? How much did you enjoy doing these things? If you’ve rather lost touch with that, go and find a way to do similar things again because If it really excited you before, there’s a fair chance it’ll excite you again.

And a wonderful story I heard which sums up the power of this simple exercise is about a lady who was feeling very depressed with her life, as if nothing was worth living for. When she was asked how long she’d felt like that, she said “since my husband died”. And that had been a number of years. So the next question was “and what did you do when your husband was alive that made you so happy?” She said, “I used to do lots of things such as water-colour painting, gardening, visiting art galleries and having friends around for dinner”. And the next question was “why can’t you do some of those things now?” and she answered, “well, I suppose I could really.” And that’s precisely what she did. She started to invite friends round for dinner and began to go out to art galleries and places of interest. She re-started water-colour painting and gardening. And when she was asked how she felt a few weeks later she said “I feel so happy and have completely changed from that dark place I’d let myself fall into”.

What she’d done was to re-ignite her passion for the things that made her really happy. It was immensely sad that her husband had died but there was no reason why she should let go of the things that made her happy in her own life. It was a case of letting go of the guilty feelings that her husband had died and to re-motivate herself to start living again and enjoy what had always made her happy when her husband was alive. In doing so, I bet she had so many happy memories of times they shared while she did some of those things again too.

So, it’s thinking back to those things and bringing them back into your life if you possibly can. This makes a big difference to your motivational level and ultimately how happy you feel.

Article by: Wendy Howard, www.spiritofvenus.co.uk

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