It’s amazing how so many people crave happiness particularly in our fast driven consumer based society where we have so much but we’re expected to be all things at once. To make a conscious effort to find happiness can seem just like another chore to fit into our already over-busy lives. But find time we must … for our very well-being.

Try this happiness exercise:

Write down the things that make you happy. This might be going to the local park, smelling fresh flowers, baking bread, chatting with friends absolutely anything that makes you feel happy. Now make a point of planning atleast 3 things that you will do over the next week that will make you feel happier. Phone a friend and book that day out. Arrange to go for a walk in the park. Set aside a day to concentrate on the things you love doing. Take a lunch break away from your office. These can be simple but effective things to do which make you feel much happier.

The second part of this exercise is to surround yourself with the things that make you happy. This might be music that makes you feel happy, the pictures you have in your home, the photographs you’ve taken, the images of the places and people that make you happy. What sort of food do you enjoy? Make a list of these things and bring them back into your life. Surround yourself with these and remember how you felt at that time. Actively seek out ways to make you fell like that again.

The final part of this exercise is to share with someone you care about and who cares about you, these happy moments, these wonderful experiences that you’ve had in your life in the past. Share them with somebody and get them to do the same exercise and go somewhere uplifting to share your experiences too. It might be over lunch in a nice environment, or on a cliff, on a beach, by a lake, up in the mountains, anywhere that makes you feel uplifted. And then share your uplifting stories with one another. I guarantee that the feeling you’ll get from this exercise will be extraordinary.

Article by: Wendy Howard,
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