Do You Have These Roadblocks Too?

One of the most common roadblocks I run into is latching onto external excuses too tightly as a way of getting around the lack of success in sales. I mean excuses such as, ‘it’s the economy,’ ‘people don’t want this right now,’ ‘they have their mind elsewhere during difficult times,’ those sort of limp excuses are simply roadblocks!
Because there are many businesses that not only grow during times of recession but actually thrive because of the recession. The truth is that the more problems people have, the more likely they are to buy into the solution you’re offering to them.

So stop buying into your own story by giving yourself these excuses. It’s more a case of having to change your marketing to move with the current times. And when people have an objection to your product or services it is rarely if ever based on your price. It is based on their not having seen the ‘value’ in your offer to justify the price you’re asking.

So when things are tough in the economy what people want to see is better value for what they are buying. People will still be spending their money on something regardless of any economy. The shops are still full of eager shoppers and the increase of online purchasers is still rising at a phenomenal rate – so people are still buying but … they want to see more value in whatever it is that they are receiving.

So how do you demonstrate more value? Here’s a few ideas:
• Add a bonus and tell them how much it’s worth – spell it out.
• Give them even more additional bonuses!
• A 100% iron-cast money back guarantee (builds trust by making it risk-free)
• Try free for 30 days
• Try free for 60 days
• Try a free month’s subscription
• Package your offer – again, spell it out in financial terms demonstrating the value of your offer and how
much they save with a package.
• Give a free appraisal
• Offer a free gift
• Give something immediately such as a free e-book

There are lots of ways that individual businesses can demonstrate more value and bring in customers – even in the toughest times.

Best wishes

Wendy Howard

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