I heard this principle a few years ago and came across it again just the other day, and it is so relevant to anyone who wants to make money in business.

Because there is always hidden money in your business but in many cases you either can’t see it or can’t access it. So try using the Acres of Diamonds principle …it works like this …

Lets begin with the story, which is about a farmer who lived in Africa. He became excited about the stories of people becoming rich by finding diamonds and got excited about looking for them. Infact, he was so excited about the idea of becoming rich in this way that he sold his farm and headed out to the diamond line.

He spent many years, travelling many miles in the search for diamonds and wealth, which he never found. Eventually he was completely broke and gave up on life.

Meanwhile back on the farm the new owner had become intrigued by the odd looking rocks he kept finding on his farm. Infact, he kept one on his mantle as a curiosity. One day a visitor picked up this rock and exclaimed “that rock is the biggest diamond I have seen”. The new owner looked astounded and said, “Heavens, this whole farm is covered with these” and it most certainly was.

The farm became the Kimberley Diamond Mine which is the richest the world has ever seen. The original owner of the farm was literally standing on ‘Acres’ of Diamonds’ but he didn’t see them or even know what to look for.

The moral of this story is that each and everyone of us is right now right in the middle of our own Acres of Diamonds’ if only we could realise it. What we really need to do is to develop what’s right there beneath our feet and nurture our immediate customers, rather than racing off into pastures new.

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