Do you set yourself goals and then wonder why they don’t come about. Then you start over again, and set more goals for the same thing to happen – it doesn’t materialize.

Why do things happen for other people and not for you?

The problem is that many times when we set goals we do so according to what we think we should get, rather than what we truly want.

There’s a very big difference between those two because if you’re setting goals according to what you think you should get, then you’re missing out on so much for your business.

T.Harv Eker says that most people don’t get what they want because they simply don’t know what it is that they DO want. I’m inclined to think that’s true to a great many people – probably the majority!

How do you know if you’re setting your goals too low or out of kilter to where you want to be? Try this. If I was to ask you in typical coaching mode “how much money do you want to make next year” and you responded with a vague, “well, I think around 50,000 or 75,000 might be nice or somewhere around there”. That is very vague and based on what you think you should make rather than what you want to make. Does that make sense? I do hope so.

The thing is that we often get caught up in a mess working on projects that we think we should do, rather than ones we want to do. Sometimes we see how others are launching projects and doing things and try to do the same and it just doesn’t work out for us as it did for them.

What really needs to happen is that you work on projects for YOU, that you LOVE doing. Only then will you have enough burning desire to achieve your goals. Without it, it won’t be enough.

Having a burning desire is so important because when you face the challenge of a big daring never before achieved goal – it’s going to be huge challenge. And there will obstacles to overcome. Often it’s many obstacles. Everything that you do will be completely out of your comfort zone and that’s a scary place to be. You have to have enough burning desire to get through that and over those obstacles. You have to be able to step into and work through that scary place. You will be stretched to the point of wanting to give it all up – but you won’t. Because, your burning desire will get you through.

Having a burning desire is a true yearning for something more. It is your higher self, calling you and supporting you so that you will reach your true potential.

So, next time you set your goals, go deep on this. Set revenue goals and lifestyle goals. Focus on what you truly want. Is it a bigger house? a swimming pool? an exotic holiday? Starting a family? A 3-day week?

If these are the things you truly want, then set them. With your burning desire, you can not fail to achieve them.

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