7 Steps To Change Your Life – Starting Today!

Yes, you really must make a start today if you want things to change in your life or your business for that matter because every choice you make affects you – even if it’s just a thought on a subconscious level and you’re not aware of it, it still exists.

It’s commonly known as the Law of Cause and Effect. Here’s 7 steps to help you get into the right mind frame and align both your conscious and your subconscious thoughts towards changing your life.

1. Accept responsibility for your choices. If you are placing blame on circumstances or someone else then you give your power away to outside sources. It’s all about your energy, your choices and the actions you take because of those choices. You make choices all day in any case such as the food you choose to eat, or the places you choose to go to or the people you choose to spend out time with and all of those choices will have a cause and effect. Becoming aware of your choices has to do with doing away with the blame game. Slow down and look at one particular choice, what direction is that going to lead you in and what will it create? How does this choice enhance you life or harm my life? Then you are in a position to make a decision to get the choice you want. You need to be consistent in your choices to have consistently positive experiences.

2. Observe what you’re doing. Create a heightened awareness by observing your patterns and behaviours and cultivating detachment. When you slow things down to become more aware then your awareness increases. Develop clear reference points for what you’re observing. Observe the calm and stillness. Connect to this. Take time out during your busy to day to simply observe whatever it is you’re doing, how you’re feeling and tune into you. Don’t judge, just become an observer.

3. Set Your Intentions. Be very clear about what it is you want. When you do this you do need to dig deep and really be honest with yourself about what it is you want to have in your life. Setting a clear intention is giving out a very strong message to the Universe of what you want to have in your life or business. It works on a subconscious level too and often when setting intentions unless you ‘own them deep in your heart’ then the real intention of what your subconscious mind wants will always win – because that’s where your truth lies. So set your intentions and make a true commitment to keep working towards them. Sometimes the path won’t be what you expect but that’s okay too!

4. Shift Your Limiting Beliefs. Limiting beliefs will sabotage any intention unless you identify and slay them. They creep in from your subconscious mind in the same patterns that have prevented you from achieving success in your life or business in the same way that will have happened previously – these patterns are repeated throughout your life – they are your beliefs. When you find yourself saying things like, ‘I can’t’ , ‘I wonder if I can’, I’ll see how it turns out’ this is planting the seeds of doubt and giving out the message that you don’t really believe in a positive outcome. And true to how this works – you will get the doubtful outcome if that is the thinking behind it. So overcome the fear, the doubts and say something like “thank you for sharing these doubts with me but right now, I’m going to do this”.

5. Check out your relationships. And ditch those that are non-supportive or anaesthetise yourself from them if you can’t ditch them. Research has shown that you are the average of the 5 people you mix with the most. So if this is mates down the pub or non-successful people then you will be the average of that group. To make more of your life and do the things you love then you have to move yourself towards the people you want to be like. Energy attracts energy as in ‘like attracts like’ and people resonate energy so if you want to attract more of what you want then you have to start mixing and being with people on a similar frequency level to where you want to be. Check out your relationships. Who are you the average of? If it’s not what you want then what can you do about it?

6. Communication. Be aware of how you communicate to yourself and others. Be positive. Don’t buy into someone else’s negative story. More importantly – don’t buy into your own negative story! All those negative thoughts and excuses – STOP them right now! And take care what you say around others and maintain positivity in everything you do. If you’re surrounded by negative people then this will have an effect on you so move away as far as possible or anaesthetise yourself by acknowledging what is said but maintain that it doesn’t apply to you.

7. Breathe. Deeply and then let it out. I heard a really interesting thing the other day which is really important whether you’re a male or a female and I’ll keep it short as it’s do with breathing that I’m talking about here. If you’re man you need to get yourself geared up and do deep breathes in and really pump up your chest. So what you are doing is to get yourself ready for the fight ahead. That works for you. Women on the other hand need to concentrate on how well we breathe out, making it a long drawn out sigh of a breath. Because for women to feel confident and in control they need to let go rather than pump themselves up in a similar way to men. I won’t go into the deeper details here – just try it for a few days and see how you feel!

Article by: Wendy Howard, Spirit of Venus, www.spiritofvenus.co.uk & www.grow-training.com

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