Key No.7


This essential key is leverage. You have to look for ways to leverage what you do. Using technology allows you to do this brilliantly as you can automate your marketing. You can also have other people automate marketing on your behalf through joint ventures or affiliate marketing. So look for these relationships and how you can set them up.

Leverage is also about being ruthless with your time. I can re-call a conversation I had with a colleague a while ago about leverage and time. He’s someone who insisted on having his mobile on at all times and checking his emails incase his clients ‘needed him at anytime’. However, he was constantly being interrupted and feeling stressed that he never had sufficient time to do everything in his business.

Needless to say, his concentration was very low mainly due to the constant interruptions. I mean, did you know that it actually takes your brain up to 20 minutes to get back to the same level of concentration you had before you were interrupted? For him he never really got to concentrate at a higher level because of the interruptions.

On further questioning, many of the interruptions were non-emergencies and could have been answered at a later time in the day when all the concentrated work had been completed. This also proves a second point in that if you give out the message to people that it’s ‘okay to interrupt you and you will be at their beck and call’ then that’s precisely what happens.

So, switch your phone off when you want to do concentrated working. Check your emails at a set time each time and then switch them off. Work in time blocks on concentrated tasks. Aim to finish one task before you start with something else. This way of working really does make a difference.

The key message is to be ruthless. Leverage through other people and leverage the use of your time too. It will pay dividends.

This completes all seven of the keys to achieving a six-figure income from your business. I hope these keys have given you food for thought and that you will start to put these into your daily practice.

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