Key No.6


Is marketing, marketing and marketing! Many times people see marketing as an add-on activity to their business rather than something that needs to be an on-going daily activity.

I remember a few years ago sitting in a meeting with a number of different businesses. Each one was asked in turn what business they were in. And in turn each business owner stated ‘training’, ‘printing’, ‘computer design’ etc. The trouble was that each of these businesses were already experts in what they did but they were all also in a ‘marketing business’ as without it, they would not have had a business.

Those who complained on the state of the economy or not having any funding made available by the Government were being forced to the re-think that actually what they really should be doing is to concentrate on getting good at marketing.

So get used to as many marketing methods as you can. Try to introduce one new marketing activity each month of the year. You have to be obsessive with marketing activity.

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