Key No.5

Key number five is Internet Marketing. You really need to master this. Gone are the days when you set up a website and expected it to sell for you (did that ever really work for the majority of businesses?).

The purpose of your website today is to build a relationship with the end user. To do this you must have a big eye-catching offer to grab the attention of people landing on your home page. You want them to give you their name and email address in exchange for something of value.

So, look for something that will be of immense value and of great interest to your audience. Perhaps a free report, a video, a quiz. Anything that makes them think ‘I’ve got to grab this right now’.

There are things that you can add to your website such as a red flashing arrow directing people to your free item. A clear sign-in box making it easy for them to give you their details. And of course an auto-responder to make it easy to take their details and download the free report instantly as well as giving you the opportunity to follow up with numerous follow-on emails.

The big message is: Concentrate on building a relationship initially and give people an opportunity to get to know and trust you.

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