Key No.4

This key is relentlessness. Every successful person is relentless in wanting to make a success of their business. They will pursue success at every level regardless of whatever is happening around them.

Truth is that many people drop out when things get tough. When the pressure of the house being repossessed or the car payment is being missed. The fees for the school kids needing to be paid or the need for a much needed holiday and the begging from a partner to take a break. It’s understandable when the pressure builds up and things are not working out that the big dreams get slowly chipped away…and then they are gone.

Making the decision to have a six-figure income business (and beyond) is not enough. You have to be more than that. You need to be able to resolve things as they come up. Richard Branson has a great saying that “you have to grow bigger than your problem to be able to resolve it”.

Reality is that life, and the Universe, throws problems up all of the time for whatever reason. Maybe it’s trying to test us to be bigger than we are. Next time it happens see it as a challenge and when something comes up to throw you off course make a decision to resolve it…and to grow bigger than the problem.

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