How do they do it? How do they get to 6 figures and beyond? I’ve been looking at this and there are 7 key steps. Here’s the first one:

Key No. 1

Key step number one is a shift in your thinking. This is a big mind shift and for many people it is an on-going battle with your mind as you progress. It’s also having a strong belief that you can ‘model’ success.

For instance, if you look at great tennis players, sports players, successful people, they all use modeling. They observe and model the actions, behaviours, psychology, mindset, sales behaviours and traits of successful people. They model people who are already where they want to be. They model it so they can do what successful people do and they aim to duplicate it.

Until you adapt this mindset that you can duplicate and model success, you fall into listening to all those other negative stories by the majority of people who aren’t doing well (because they don’t follow a model of success).

Here’s some of what very successful people know and follow as basic principles:

  1. They understand that people, who earn lots of money, sell lots more than the average sales person. It’s a simple equation. They have a strategy to follow up with people 5, 10, 15, 20 times or more until they get the sale.
  2. They know that if you basically follow other businesses that are generally around you, that you’ll get the same results. So successful businesses follow other successful businesses. If you look around you and most of those businesses you are associating with are struggling, then it’s likely you will be too. You need to move on and look to work with and model those businesses which are not struggling and are consequently very successful.
  3. Similarly,  they know that with pricing, if you copy what most others do which is to look for what they think people will want to pay and what others are charging for a similar product or service, that’s all you will get – mediocre or average results. Pricing is very important. You need to set your price based on the value you deliver to your customer. Build on the value and increase your price – but always, always, over deliver.
  4. They also spend a lot of time working on and observing people psychology and understanding your beliefs around failure and what that is. Failure is an integral part of success because failing implies you’re taking actions that will eventually lead to your success.

This is Key No.1 in the 7 steps to a 6-figure income. I will share the other 6 keys with you in the following articles so look out for these too.

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