Are you doing all the giving?

Running yourself ragged trying to tempt prospects by endless free offers?

Giving so much value there’s nothing left in the kitty for you?

One of the problems of  having a business where you help people by solving their problems is that it can be difficult to set boundaries around how much you offer for free, and at what point do you insist on payment.

As a giving person, I too love to help people but I was finding it increasingly difficult to draw the line of how much to give for free without selling the business silver.

I was very interested to discover this is a common problem for entrepreneurial businesses. Lucy, a business associate recently confided to me that she’d spent the first year giving everything away for free because she thought that was the thing to do.

Lucy spent hours preparing free reports and ‘how to’ guides and even offered free intro sessions to prospect’s. She realized after an exhausting year where she hadn’t earned a dime that something had to change. Infact, she had to change

Lucy told me that prospects need to understand that you have a business to run and it is a paid for service that you are offering. You need to place a limit on the free goods and any advice you provide. You need to create both personal and business boundaries clearly and stick to these.

It is a sad truth that people who come to expect your free services will take them for granted and not value them. People who are not willing to invest in their business to gain the knowledge they need will not do well in their businesses anyway.

Fact is, you don’t want these free loaders as your clients, as you will not be doing them or you, or your business any favours if you give it all away for free in the displaced illusion it is helping them. It isn’t.

The lesson: Set clear personal and business boundaries.

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