A one-time offer is extremely powerful.   We have all been hit up with one time offers at one point or another.  Think about the last time you bought a product online and the very moment you bought the product you were taken to a page that said, “Hey Wait!” or “You Will Only See This Page Once!”

Understanding the guidelines of how to create a successful one-time offer is the most important step that most people forget to take.

Some important facts to remember about your one time offer as follows:

  • A one time offer is shown to the customer only once, immediately after the customer has paid for your front end offer.
  • A one time offer has to be compelling
  • A one time offer has to impart a sense of urgency
  • A one time offer must make sense in the mind of the buyer

Just do a search on Google for, “Free One Time Offer Scripts” and you will come up with all sorts of results.

You may have to hire someone to set this up for you if you do not have the technical knowledge already. But well worth adding it into you marketing mix.

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