Do you sometimes feel insecure in what you have to offer the world? Wondering what the next step is to take? Then it’s time for a little reassurance.

  1. Remind Yourself Of Your True Value
    Take a few moments to ponder over who has made a difference in the world in some way. Mother Theresa, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Anita Roddick and millions more.
    What do they have in common? They all started out very much like you or I with gifts and talents that made a difference to the world.
    Imagine now, what would the world look like without any of these people having added their contribution to the world. There would be no Virgin flights or Apple computers. What a disaster that would be.
    I’m not suggesting that you or I can be anything as huge as any of these great people but you and I are no less than anyone of them. We all have a contribution to bring light and harmony to the world through our work. Lets remind ourselves of that.
  2. Release Your Old Issues
    If you are having a hard time making money, then its time to release yourself from some of that old junk that’s stifling your ability to share your light with the world.
    Stop thinking about your problems, and focus on those people out there who need and want your solution. Some people will be literally praying for what you have, but they don’t know you are there.
    Start by shifting the focus, and letting people know what you do and how you do it.  But do it from a position of serving, not self-service.

You are truly worthy, it’s time to remember that and start focusing on being who you are meant to be.

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