It’s difficult to find the time to do everything in your business and that’s one of the reasons you really MUST make time for this one activity – List building.

Why is list building so important?

Here’s a number of reasons why this needs to be a priority activity.

i. When you have a list of people you already have a warm target audience to turn to when you want to run your seminars or workshops.

ii. It takes five times longer to find new clients and costs almost five times as much too! That’s scary. But if you already have a list building strategy in place then this needn’t be a long drawn out activity or have a huge cost attached to it.

iii. When you launch a new product or service you already have a database of people who have already previously held their hand up and said “I’m interested”, so they are open to your offer.

iv. Testing out something new isn’t so daunting when you have a list. And you might even segment your list into different categories and do some split testing with different segments.

v. Its also a really good way to find out what your direct market want as you’ll be able to keep in contact with them on a regular basis. Ask questions or gauge their response by having a poll on your blog.

vi. Automating your list building activities as much as possible frees you up to work on your business … rather than in it. So you get to spend more time with clients and doing some of things you love doing the most.

vii. Your list (providing it’s a quality list) is considered an asset in your business, and as such can have considerable monetary value should you wish to sell your business at a later stage.

By making list building a priority activity in your business you are creating a system that will serve your business for many years to come, or provide an excellent monetary incentive as part of your exit strategy.

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