If you had $5,000 in your marketing budget… what would you choose to do?

Is it more effective to:

  1. Buy a major list and send out to those people, five hundred postcards promoting your offer.
  2. Find a list of 25 individuals and send them something that’s very specific to what you do?

I was in my local garden centre recently and I came across some of those nice little ‘messages in a bottle’ which you can send instead of a card. But these were $4.95 each as against the $0.85 postcard.

However, can you imagine if you ran a marketing campaign and you sent out the message in a bottle as against a simple postcard. That’s something much more expensive to send out than a post card, but can you imagine the impact?

And this is especially important if you are targeting to the more affluent clients because, you’re in there marketing to affluent people, you can charge premium prices.  For instance, let’s just say that you’re charging $5,000 for your offer, well, even if you only got five clients that’s $25,000.

So think in terms of your target market and if you want to attract more affluent clients who will pay premium prices, then you need to be more creative and prepared to spend more to bring them in.

It’s also a lot more fun coming up with some of those creative promotional items too!

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