Looking for tips on e-marketing? Here you go:

i. Use email newsletters to keep customers informed. This helps maintain brand awareness and gives you the opportunity to advertise andy new products or services you might have.

ii. Don’t use span words, especially in the title of your email. These are words such as ‘free’ or ‘discounted’. If you do then they will likely be picked up by the spam filter.

iii. Ensure your message is personalised with your signature and add a photo if you wish. Personalising improves responses.

iv. Write engaging content but don’t make it too long or your reader will lose interest. You are better to have 2-3 short snippets than longer content.

v. Avoid using templates. You are better to have a newsletter and email designed and personalised for you. This communicates a message consistent with your branding.

vi. Consider which is the best day of the week and time to send out your correspondence. Research shows this differs per industry. For instance training & coaching businesses have better opening rates on a Wednesday as well as better track through rates.

vii. Always use tracking reports to measure your success of any campaigns. In your newsletter make sure every offer has a separate tracking link too.

I know much of this may seem straight forward but ask yourself do I do all of that? If not, why not?

Article by: Wendy Howard
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