A QR (quick-response) code is a two-dimensional barcode-like image that can be read by software on a smart phone, usually via a downloadable app. When someone scans the QR code it directs the user to a mobile-optimized web page for more information. It means that a smart phone user can access your website without having to remember the URL. Remember when using QR codes that they are an innately mobile experience so the content you want consumers to view must be mobile optimised.

You can download your QR Code for free using one of the following sites:




And here’s 10 quick ways you can use your QR Code to enhance your business. Add it to your email signature, business cards, leaflets, handouts, gift giving, sharing a musical message, promotional gift, personalised gift card message, initiate a competition, quick pay option. Be creative!

Note: To set your phone up for scanning QR codes, you need to download the QR application for your phone from your phone provider.

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