One of the biggest blunders I see that many small businesses make is by not defining what their ideal target market is. So here’s the 7 steps you need to take to do this:

Step 1: Acquire a Thorough Understanding of the Mindset, Attitudes, Beliefs and Values of the people you want to target.

Step 2: Research the Market and find out what people want. What are their fears, desires and the things that will life and business easier for them?

Step 3: Define Your Ideal Client. What age are they? Male, female, couples, children, adults? What do they currently do? What are they interested in? Hobbies? Where do they live? How do they spend their spare time? What income do they have?

Step 4: Segment Your Market. Think of this as you would an orange. Each segment of an orange makes up the whole, so break down your target market into segments that you want to focus on.

Step 5: Conduct a Competitive Analysis. See who else is doing what, and how.

Step 6: Identify Powerful Niche.What is it that makes you special? It’s not you deliver a fantastic service as everyone says that. Look for something that is unique and sets you apart.

Step 7: Create Your Ideal Client Profile. Be crystal clear on who they are. All your marketing and promotions should speak directly to your target market.

This takes time to research and develop but it’s well worth the effort in increased sales!

Article by Wendy Howard
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