Are you stuck for ideas to promote your business, or fed up with the mundane advertisements? Then try these quick ideas to help promote your business:

  1. Think ‘Richard Branson dressed as a bride’ which was just one of his publicity stunts to promote the launch of his Virgin Bride Business. Okay, you don’t have to go that far but what can you do that would be a great publicity stunt to promote your business?
  2. Start your own radio show. Its easy to use. Go to and you can do that today.
  3. Spot a trend in your market place and comment on it to your local news or radio station.
  4. Give your opinion on something that’s hot in the news and relevant to your business.
  5. Give away a freebie, providing it’s cost effective and easy to deliver. Use it to drive traffic from newspapers, magazines, social media and websites.
  6. Do a survey to your customers and offer a free incentive for completing it. You could do this via very easily. And use the software at to put your survey together.
  7. Help a charity. But don’t do that dreadful publicity stunt with the photo and enormous cheque (groan). Think outside of the box and look for ways you can really help rather than give money. Could you give your time? Promote one of their products or services through your business that would also benefit your customers too?

Remember, you don’t have to do all of these at once. You can make it a regular fun promotion that you focus on something different to try each month of the year. That way, you will have 12 new fun marketing strategies by the end of the year – great stuff!

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